New Facebook Privacy Settings Aren’t Private At All

I’ve been playing around with the new Facebook privacy settings, and was quite surprised to see how much was NOT private any longer. I’ll admit I was a little careless when I accepted Facebook’s suggested new privacy settings yesterday, but I imagine a lot of you will have been, too. Want to see what your Facebook page now looks like to anyone in the world? I suggest you do this check right away and make any adjustments you need to:

Unfortunately (for this test), you have to be logged in to Facebook to look at profiles, so you can’t just log out and look at your profile. Instead, go to your profile page, then select Settings (mine’s in the upper right corner menu), Privacy Settings, then Profile Information. Click the Preview My Profile… button in the upper right. Prepare to be startled. I was.

Now, you probably want to do something about all that personal information that has just become visible to the entire world. Click the Back to Privacy Settings button. Select each of your privacy settings and set them to your preferred visibility level (you may have to enter your Facebook password the first time to unlock them). I suggest you set them all to Only Friends. The only one I left visible to everyone was Education and Work, as that information is already pretty public and could help with networking. You can see my final selections in the image below.

There’s no Save button; your changes are immediate. You can Preview again just to make sure.

Let me know if you have a compelling argument for leaving more of the settings more visible.

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