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I've known Ed for many years, and have collaborated with him on a number of projects. Without question, he is one of the smartest operators around in the field of web strategy and customer experience, and he's combined those insights with tactical genius within the SEO/PPC fields. Hire him. Employ him. Befriend him. I encourage you to do one or more of those.

Jay Baer - Convince & Convert

I would like to stress to you what an asset and friend you have been to the Fiesta Invitational Tournament. We are indebted to you for your efforts throughout the year with building this world-class site. Everyone has commented on the site, and the traffic has been incomparable to years past. You have been the key to transforming our online presence.

Stephen Kawulok - Fiesta Invitational Tournament

Every time I work with you I’m impressed with the quality of your work – especially your clarity of communication. I very much like the fact that you keep the big picture and overall objectives in mind while paying attention to all the details.

Anthony Flesch - fp2 Marketing

I couldn't believe how much content Ed packed into his 90-minute SEO seminar, yet he still was able to present it in an easy-to-understand way and kept the audience entertained. He really knows his stuff. The audience members were all smiles and gave him top scores across the board on their evaluation sheets. Ed is a great speaker and I highly recommend him.

Jeff Saville - NACET

I have had the pleasure to work with Ed on several occasions. He is exceptionally bright and intuitive and has the ability to take complex issues and challenges and break them down into strategies and tactics to meet client needs. Most recently, he has assisted with a full range of web-based marketing solutions ranging from SEO to usability to PPC. In all areas, we experienced rapid positive results and growth as a direct result of Ed's work.

Tom Fulcher - Discovery Treks

In our first meeting, I quickly saw Ed's value as a UX consultant and project manager in interpreting the client's goals, organizing and simplifying their content, and recommending site architecture and functionality. Ed was easy to work with, the process went much smoother for us thanks to his involvement, and the client got an excellent website.

Abe Bumpus - Union Digital

Ed is a well organized, innovative, problem solver. I have worked with him on several projects and have been impressed with his willingness to understand all sides of a given issue in order to make an informed decision in the best interest of his clients.

Todd Peden - Chromedome Design

Ed's online marketing seminars for SBDC were most insightful and very well prepared and executed. From website development to online marketing, he covered the materials in an interesting and memorable manner. Results have been productive to date and we expect them to continue! Thanks, Ed, you are TOP NOTCH!

Kim Kubsch - CAPS, CEAC

Super strategic and highly creative, Ed offers a well-rounded perspective that covers the gamut from big idea thinking to very technical details. Combined with his interactive expertise—particularly site usability, optimization, design, architecture and functionality—Ed is a real asset to any company looking to get the most out of their online marketing efforts.

Charlene McMurtrie

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