Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the most effective ways to market online is to connect with potential customers at the exact moment when they are searching for your product. Search engine optimization makes this possible.

Search engine optimization (also called SEO or search optimization) ensures that your website is properly optimized for target keywords. The goal is to ensure that your site ranks highly for the search terms that prospective customers use when they’re interested in purchasing your product or service.

21-Point SEO Audit

Are you not showing up on searches for important keywords in Google, Yahoo, and Bing? Not sure which search terms will get results? Eight Trails can help.

This is not one of those “free SEO analysis” offers you’ll find on other sites, which typically give you a list of search terms for which you’re currently ranked, together with a page of boilerplate recommendations for improving search ranking. Our 21-Point Site Audit is a detailed review of key SEO ranking factors on your site, and we provide a written report with specifics and recommendations.

How Is Your Search Ranking?