Usability Testing

One of the most informative ways to find out if your site is working for your business is to watch people use it, in person or through an online test. A usability test moderated by Eight Trails will yield immediate insights on what your site needs to succeed.

Usability testing puts real or representative users in front of your website and asks them to complete typical or desirable tasks. The sessions are recorded and observed from a remote location, so you and your team can actually see what parts of your website cause problems for your users. The deliverable from a round of usability testing is a written summary of key usability concerns, their estimated impact on usability, and recommendations for improvements.

Usability testing is effective both during the design and development of your website – to identify possible problems and allow time to correct them before your site goes live – as well as after your site is live, to diagnose specific performance issues such as bounce visits, short visits, shopping cart abandonment, inquiry form errors, or poor conversion metrics.

Eight Trails will design a test, recruit subjects, moderate the test, and write up the results and recommendations. You'll end up with a "prescription" of immediate actions that will improve your site for your users and make it work harder for you.

Interested in Usability Testing?