Website Redesign

When your current website is just not performing, Eight Trails can provide a redesign. Website redesign can include visual redesign, site reorganization, new or updated content, or a change of development platform (making your site mobile responsive, for example).

We frequently recommend that businesses tweak their websites, rather than redesign them, to minimize business disruption.  A website tweak is a small improvement to your website which can be made quickly and at minimal expense. How do you know what to tweak? Typically, usability problems are identified through either our 43-Point Site Checkup or through Usability Testing.

With the recommendations from the site checkup and/or usability testing in hand, we can implement quick improvements – tweaks – to your website to address the issues. This is not a redesign; the emphasis is on moving quickly to fix the most serious issues. Typical tweaks include:

  • Eliminating competing or confusing content or images on a page
  • Making minor but substantive text changes
  • Adding emphasis through color, type, or other design elements
  • Pulling text out of images and placing it as text to improve search engine results

How do we know if our tweaks are working? We use A/B testing to serve the original version of a page to one set of users and the tweaked page to the others, and measure which of the two groups takes our desired action. This involves some simple coding, and can be implemented when we perform the tweaks.

Is Your Site Due for a Redesign?