43-Point Site Checkup

Think of our Site Checkup like an appointment with your physician. You should do it when you know your site is "sick," and you should do it once a year to put your mind at ease that your site is performing at its optimal.

Our 43-Point Site Checkup is a comprehensive review of the most essential factors in your site's performance, including:

  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Site structure and navigation
  • Search optimization
  • Usability / user experience
  • Brand support
  • Content

We'll provide you a detailed report of our observations on each of the 43 critical factors, as well as recommendations for fixing any issues or concerns we identify.

More About Website Heuristic Evaluation

Our 43-Point Site Checkup is what's known as an heuristic evaluation. An heuristic evaluation is a review of your website by a usability expert, following a checklist of website usability standards and best practices (“heuristics”). The typical deliverable is a written summary of key usability concerns, their estimated impact on usability, and recommendations for improvements.

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