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Archive for April 2009

My Favorite Web Tools

(This article originally appeared in a slightly different form in Southwest Graphics, Winter 2007) Most of us use the Internet for a handful of common tasks: sending email, shopping eBay and, settling a friendly office wager using Wikipedia or IMDB. But there’s so much more out there, including some incredibly useful tools that can make…

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10 Danger Signs of an Underperforming Website

Find out what your customers want from you on the web, then give it to them. That’s my first rule of success on the Internet. Is your website doing all it can for you, or are you breaking the rule? Take five minutes to look at your website with a critical eye and see how…

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Book Review – Who Moved My Cheese?

By Dr. Spencer Johnson I am constantly surprised and in no small measure disappointed to see Who Moved My Cheese? on the desk of some very smart people. Wanna save $19.95? Here’s the book in three sentences: Two mice live in a maze and eat cheese. One day the cheese is gone. One mouse panics…

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