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Web Productivity

Google Now Serves and Labels Searches Solely by Searcher’s Location

On Friday, October 27, Google announced on their blog a change to the way they serve and label search results based on the searcher’s location. Previously, Google localized your search results based on a combination of your location and the Google site you used (e.g. for England). Beginning Friday, the Google site/domain you use…

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How to Be Password Savvy in a Hack-Happy World

Passwords have gotten out of control. With all the online services I use and all the sites I manage, I have hundreds of them. Over the years, I’ve made my passwords increasingly secure — longer, less like actual words, more complex combinations of characters. In the past year alone, three sites to which I have…

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My Favorite Web Tools

(This article originally appeared in a slightly different form in Southwest Graphics, Winter 2007) Most of us use the Internet for a handful of common tasks: sending email, shopping eBay and, settling a friendly office wager using Wikipedia or IMDB. But there’s so much more out there, including some incredibly useful tools that can make…

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